Ribbon Colors

As part of MBJungle Foundation’s effort to bring awareness to the interactive role, humans play in our pets’ physical birth defects as well as their mental health. Although both abnormalities can be present at birth, the mental health of our pets can be affected by improper care or abuse. Therefore, we have established two separate ribbons for our cause, orange representing mental health and green for physical defects. For our cause, these two ribbons will always be presented intertwined due to the biological as well as the human involvement in both abnormalities. These two colors signify the power and influence we have over reducing the interactive role humans have on our pets’ physical and mental health.

Our Symbol of Protection: "Shishi"

MBJungle Foundation has chosen a symbol to represent the caring and protection that we wish to bring to pets with birth defects and mental illness. That symbol is known in the Chinese culture as “Shishi,” a guardian lioness. Guardian lions date from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) in China and have traditionally been placed in front of such places as imperial palaces, imperial tombs, and government offices.

These stone figures have been deemed to have mythic protective benefits. Generally presented in pairs, the male has been regarded as the guardian of the structure, while the female, who is displayed with her cub, has been considered as the one who nurtures and protects those dwelling inside. Because of the nurturing and protective nature of the female, the MBJungleFoundation has chosen her as the protective symbol of the pets for whom we hope to provide support.