During the worst part of the COVID pandemic so many were dumping their pets after news reports dogs can spread covid19. Once those reports were deemed incorrect adopting pets became the norm. Pet shelters were basically sitting empty. Now as folks head back to work, vacation, shelters are seeing pets returned and rehomed and even worse, abandoned on the streets. Shelter are saying they have never seen such an abundance of returns. These pets got some people through a difficult time but as they return to somewhat normal life find they do not have the time to care for these precious pets. Many report pets are just be left everywhere rather than returning them to the shelters

Another issue and concern. While pet owners were home with their pets and then returning to their normal work schedules, these pets were abruptly left at home alone for long hours at a time igniting separation anxiety. The pets brought happiness and helped with anxiety and depression during uncertain times, but when folks had to go back to work, things start happening, spinning out of control. 

A few ideas to help with separation anxiety with your pet:

*Take extra time to go outside with your dog for exercise and playtime.

*Dog proof your home to protect your valuables or your dog get hurt.

*Provide distractions with toys for mental stimulation.

*Set up puppy cam to monitor what’s working. 

*Make comings and goings low-key so that your dog accepts them as normal.

But the good news is people are overwhelmingly keeping their pandemic pets and the pet walking and sitting business is booming.