Mission Statement

The mission of MBJungle Foundation is to bring awareness and educate the public about pet birth defects as well as pet mental health challenges. The purpose and mission of MBJungle Foundation is to work towards a future where decisions about our furry family members birth defect medical care needs never be made on the basis of cost. Thousands of animals are sent to shelters each year, often because of treatable medical conditions their owners cannot afford to fund.

MBJungle Foundation has received 501c3 status and will be assisting pet owners with pet birth defect care and treatment soon.

Part of MBJungle Foundation’s vision was first and foremost to educate and bring awareness to the interactive role humans play in the physical and mental well-being of their pets. As MBJungle Foundation begins to grow, the plan is to partner with small and large animal welfare groups both domestically and worldwide to increase its impact. Other organizations involved in the improvement of the welfare of domestic pets are welcomed to reach out to MBJungle Foundation in order that partnerships might be formed.

Irresponsible breeding can leave a pet with deformities apparent at birth such as a cleft pallet. Other defects, such as those that afflict the heart tissue, may not become apparent until later in a pet’s life. In most shelters, animals with special needs might be labeled “unadoptable” and euthanized. MBJungle Foundation wishes to spread awareness and knowledge so that many disabled pets may not simply get discarded. They may just need special care and attention from a caring owner.