About Us

How We Started

MBJungle Foundation was founded in 2014 as an educational organization catering to bring much needed attention to the interactive role humans play in our pet physical health as well as mental health challenges. MBJungle Foundation has educated the public for the last nine years providing resources for pet owners of pets with physical disabilities and mental challenges on how to create a positive environment for their pets’ helping pets live the life they wholeheartedly deserve. The foundation takes adoption very seriously because these animals often require special care and attention due to their disabilities and mental health struggles. The foundation would like to lessen the apprehension that may accompany adopting a pet with birth defects by providing the resources needed so that the best care possible can be rendered.

Where We ArE Now

MBJungle Foundation has a very small staff and depends on volunteers to carry out our mission. Our primary focus is on the care category of birth defects, non-emergency care. For example, cleft palates, limb deformities. Other defects, such as those that afflict the heart tissue, may not become apparent until later in a pet’s life like cataracts, and other chronic conditions.

Thanks to Other Friends of MBJungle Foundation

Randy Stephenson, Kim Pitman, Gary Hawsey, Lauren Wall, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Kathryn Primm DVM, Dr. Nicholas Dodman BVMS, DACVA, DACVB.


Davis wishes to dedicate MBJungle Foundation to the memory of his mother Shirley Bumgarner who passed away on September 13, 1996, by recognizing that date each year as Pet Birth Defects Awareness Day. My mom, whose unconditional love and support inspires me to always do my best, be kind, laugh often and take nothing for granted. She had such a giving heart, a selfless spirit and had served others throughout her life. The biggest lesson she has imparted to me is her work ethic. My mom was the smartest, elegant, and most creative woman I will ever have the honor of knowing showing me confidence and strength and most of all unconditional love and acceptance. I share this dedication with you in honor of her.