More about us

The purpose of the MBJungle Foundation is not to serve as a rescue group but rather to educate the public about pets that are born with birth defects and pets that are challenged with mental health issues. We would like to be a voice for the prevention of the interactive role that humans have in causing birth defects and mental health problems in pets. We will also serve to support some of those who are involved in research that is seeking answers to these problems. It is our wish that not only will adults be enlightened on these issues but also that this information will reach children who may be in a position to help create a positive living environment for pets who may be affected by physical or mental health issues.

MBJungle Foundation is a non-profit – 501c3 organization. Please consider making a donation to help pets live the life they wholeheartedly deserve.

Our Symbol of Protection: "Shishi"

MBJungle Foundation has chosen a symbol to represent the caring and protection that we wish to bring to pets with birth defects and mental illness. That symbol is known in the Chinese culture as “Shishi,” a guardian lioness. Guardian lions date from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) in China and have traditionally been placed in front of such places as imperial palaces, imperial tombs, and government offices.

These stone figures have been deemed to have mythic protective benefits. Generally presented in pairs, the male has been regarded as the guardian of the structure, while the female, who is displayed with her cub, has been considered as the one who nurtures and protects those dwelling inside. Because of the nurturing and protective nature of the female, the MBJungleFoundation has chosen her as the protective symbol of the pets for whom we hope to provide support.

Celebrating the Life of Bruno

My girl Bruno passed away on May 3, 2021, and every day I have missed her so much. She came into our lives one day without my having planned on it. I am not sure why I turned down the road to the shelter that day because I had passed it a hundred times. Bruno was a very good girl and very smart. She learned how to walk both on a leash and off as well as how to chase squirrels (her favorite) and come right back. After a few years of having Bruno, I had some major health problems, but she was always by my side. I had to get over the fear of walking out of the house and she would be right there waiting. We would start out slowly and eventually we were able to walk 5 -6 miles through the woods. I loved to watch her chase things and bounce through the brush like a deer. My girl Bruno was my best friend. We would go to bed at night and stare at each other just for a minute. That’s all it took for us to know we would be okay until morning.

There are so many great memories I have of Bruno (at first she was named Bea). She was so full of energy. She loved to run, but one day she stopped running and got sick very quickly. I will never stop thinking about her and how she got me through some tough times in life.


As part of MBJungle Foundation’s effort to bring awareness to the interactive role, humans play in our pets’ physical birth defects as well as their mental health. Although both abnormalities can be present at birth, the mental health of our pets can be affected by improper care or abuse. Therefore, we have established two separate ribbons for our cause, orange representing mental health and green for physical defects. For our cause, these two ribbons will always be presented intertwined due to the biological as well as the human involvement in both abnormalities. These two colors signify the power and influence we have over reducing the interactive role humans have on our pets’ physical and mental health.